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Horse Ownership

Owning a part of the action.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” - Winston Churchill

Racehorse ownership can be very exciting and rewarding. Experience the thrill of owning your own horse or being a part-owner. It is very interesting and enjoyable to watch your horse develop physically and mentally as every horse has it's own personality.  As an owner, you will have the pleasure of choosing a name for your horse (if it is not already named).  You will also have the opportunity to select your own racing colours.

You can visit the trainer's yard to see your horse exercising on the gallops and see how he/she is progressing through the season. You develop an interest in your horse's extended family when they race, i.e. full-brother/sister, or half-brother/sister.

It is a wonderful feeling to see your horse powering to the finishing line, with the thunder of hooves you can practically smell and taste success when your horse is moving well. The thrill of a win is fantastic.

All races can be viewed on TV or the internet from any part of the world if you are unable to attend the meeting.

There are many ways for people to become involved in racing as owners.  These range from being a hobby owner to a professional, from being a sole owner to a part-owner or through a partnership or syndicate.

It is always advisable to obtain professional help when purchasing a racehorse.  With good help and a proper evaluation, most errors can be avoided and a suitable horse can be purchased.

If you like horses and have a "passion for performance", consider joining our team at Pat Flynn Racing.




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